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The Curious Case of the FDA's Dog Food Fearmongering

October 10, 2019  •  Townhall

"Your dog's food may be linked to canine heart disease," was a recent headline that could make any dog owner's heart skip a beat.

Similar stories stoked panic in the dog world this summer after the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine issued an unusual warning.

It updated an investigation into a possible dietary link to a small increase in reports of dogs falling ill with a heart disease called dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM).

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Green Activists Hate Trump More Than They Love Animals

September 28, 2019  •  Daily Caller

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just made history by announcing a plan to end wasteful taxpayer-funded animal testing by 2035. This is a huge win, but regulation-happy green groups criticizing the move have made clear that they hate the Trump administration more than they love animals and the environment.

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Politicians are scapegoating e-cigs for harm they haven't done

September 17, 2019  •  New York Post

When there's an outbreak of deaths or illnesses from injected street drugs, do public health authorities demand diabetics and doctors stop using syringes? Of course not. Yet a host of public officials — from President Trump to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to members of the Squad — are taking just that sort of approach in responding to the spate of vaping-related illnesses and deaths around the country.

Cuomo, for example, went on a tear Sunday about vaping, calling it "a burgeoning health crisis" and threatening to declare an emergency to ban flavored nicotine e-cigarettes. That followed Trump's announcement last Wednesday of federal plans to prohibit such devices.

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Vaping Hysteria Will Mean More Tobacco Deaths

August 20, 2019  •  Issues & Insights

When products could save lives, it's important for people to be informed about those benefits, along with the risks. Conversely, it's harmful and immoral to spread misinformation that negatively affects public perception of life-saving products and discourages their use. Consider, for example, the unscientific, ideology-driven campaign against e-cigarettes, which deliver nicotine through vapor rather than smoke.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that it's best to quit nicotine use entirely. And kids shouldn't vape. But some 34 million adults still smoke in the U.S., so we must offer them more-appealing, lower-risk alternatives than currently available pharmaceutical products which are largely ineffective.

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A Recipe for A Better World; Nine Parts Innovation, One Part Regulation

June 26, 2019  •  Federalist Society


"To protect the environment, our health, and promote the social good we have to live more austere lives."

How often have we heard something along these lines? The problem is, it's not a very effective approach.

Tackling the world's most intractable problems, preserving freedoms and making life better for everyone requires something often overlooked by many who are sincerely interested in making the world better. If advocates for austere living promote bleeding heart liberalism, I believe we should stand for bleeding heart market advocacy.

For a better world, we need more innovation.

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