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The market is your ally, not your enemy: lessons from e-cigarettes in improving smokers' health

September 27, 2016  •  Adam Smith Institute

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E-cigarettes have split the public health lobby in two. On one

side are those focused on harm reduction, who see e-cigs as a

substantially safer alternative to cigarettes for people who are

already smokers. On the other are those who see fundamental

lifestyle change as the goal for smokers, and e-cigs as an obstacle

to that.

Unfortunately, this latter group seems to be winning out.

Although Public Health England found that e-cigarettes are 95%

less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, many public health activists

and lawmakers remain staunchly opposed to the very products

smokers are choosing.1

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Shoddy Science Shields Paternalistic Pop Tax

September 8, 2016  •  Real Clear Health

By Julie Kelly & Jeff Stier
September 08, 2016

With no solid scientific evidence proving sugary drinks cause obesity more than any other sugary product, soda tax activists are desperate for proof their crusade will at once stop people from drinking killer Cokes and make them healthy. Lucky for the activists, in the world of nanny-state nutrition, it isn't long before a dubious "study" is presented to align with their ideological vision of the future.

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To Fight Climate Change Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Deputizes Thought Police
New docs reveal that even allies wonder if activist AG went too far

September 7, 2016  •  New York Observer

With his latest plan to punish even thoughts and speech related to climate change, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has raised the eyebrows of even his fellow climate-change activist Democrat attorneys general (AG).

Officials from a number of state AG offices expressed anxiety about Schneiderman's controversial plan to investigate and possibly prosecute not only energy companies, but think tanks, for challenging the science underpinning some of the more alarmist statements coming from the Al Gore camp of the party on climate issues. Newly-released emails, obtained under freedom of information laws, reveal a level of discomfort with Schneiderman's strategy.

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Is Vaping Bad For You? Is It Safe? Experts Weigh In

August 25, 2016  •  Wallet Hub

Back to All ExpertsJonathan Foulds

Professor of Public Health Sciences and Psychiatry at Penn State College of Medicine

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Congress Must Do More to Combat Unaccountable Bureaucrats' Funding of Junk Science
Dubious, agenda-driven studies on hot-button issues are draining funds from vital public-health research.

August 22, 2016  •  National Review

When Congress meddles in how federal agencies set research priorities and disburse grants, the scientific community is, understandably, distraught. But Congress is responsible for rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse at federal agencies, which sets up a fundamental conflict.

The administration's spending should come under special scrutiny when bureaucrats claim they don't have enough money to protect public health; while complaining of lack of funds, bureaucrats are squandering already allocated funds on research that is the subject of inter-agency squabbles.

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