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Earth Day: More About Hurling Tomatoes Than Planting Them

April 24, 2018  •  American Greatness

Earth Day has changed a lot since its inception in 1970, and not for the better. In the spirit of the time, it started as a touchy-feely, consciousness-raising, idealistic experience. Attendees were prototypic tree-huggersIn recent years, Earth Day has evolved into an occasion for environmental Cassandras to prophesy apocalypse, dish anti-technology dirt, and proselytize.

Now there's more heaving tomatoes than planting them.

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Earth Day has embraced hysteria and abandoned science

April 20, 2018  •

Sunday is Earth Day, a celebration conceived by then-U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson and first held in 1970 as a "symbol of environmental responsibility and stewardship." In the spirit of the time, it was a touchy-feely, consciousness-raising, New Age experience. Most activities were organized at the grassroots level.

In recent years, however, Earth Day has devolved into an occasion for professional environmental activists and alarmists to warn of apocalypse, dish anti-technology dirt, and proselytize.

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EPA Controversy Is Politics, Polluted
Scott Pruitt's policies turn environmentalists into budget hawks.

April 17, 2018  •  The American Spectator

In all the humdrum surrounding public expenses in President Donald Trump's Environmental Protection Agency, there is certainly a case to be made that there was waste.

First-class travel, a $43,000 secure phone line, and poor judgment for failure to prevent an appearance of impropriety for renting a bedroom from a lobbyist all deserve scrutiny. Anyone in public office should think twice before spending taxpayer dollars. This administration, which promised to cut waste and drain the swamp, should be held to the highest standard.

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Patent foolishness on Capitol Hill
Rather than fix the underlying problem with patent law, grandstanding senators have introduced the Preserving Access to Cost Effective Drugs Act.

April 6, 2018  •  Washington Examiner

Congress once again needs to correct a problem it created in the first place. But its recent attempt at a fix of the patent system is not only inadequate, but irrelevant.

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This flawed UN health agency threatens America's food supply.
It's time for badly needed reform

March 2, 2018  •  Foxnews.Com

Question: When is a carcinogen not necessarily a carcinogen?

Answer: When the labelling is done by the World Health Organization's  International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a French-based institution that is having a big and unjustified impact on American law and our economy.

That's the majority view from an investigation by the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, which is trying to understand how IARC classified the most commonly used herbicide in the world as a probable carcinogen, while nearly every government agency which evaluated the chemical, including our own EPA, reached the opposite conclusion.

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