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Submission to the FDA: Flavor Bans on Less Harmful Products

July 20, 2018  •  Submission to FDA

To: Food and Drug Administration:

Agency/Docket Number: Docket No. FDA-2017-N-6565

RIN: 0910-AH60

From: Jeff Stier, Senior Fellow

Consumer Choice Center

Date: July 17, 2018

This document is in response to the FDA's request for comments, data, research results, or other information about, among other things, how flavors attract youth to initiate tobacco product use and about whether and how certain flavors may help adult cigarette smokers reduce cigarette use and switch to potentially less harmful products.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ban
A New York City ban on styrofoam for food service is a costly and wasteful way to soothe wealthy liberals' consciences.

July 17, 2018  •  National Review

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Ban

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he's going to implement his styrofoam ban starting on January 1, 2019, now that a court has ruled that the diktat was not "arbitrary and capricious." Although the legal ruling was sound, the policy isn't. It's a job-killing, working-class-punishing, environmentally unnecessary scam. And it may be coming to your town next.

Remember when nanny-staters tried to mandate the recycling of almost everything, warning that if we didn't, we'd fill up landfills and destroy the oceans? Oh, how the tide has turned.

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USDA Moves to End Rent-Seeking in Poultry Industry

July 11, 2018  •  American Greatness

The U.S. Department of Agriculture in December ruffled a few feathers by withdrawing a regulation published on the final full day of the Obama Administration that would have created new requirements for producers of "organic" eggs and poultry.

Called the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule, it would have, among other things, specified that to boast the coveted "USDA Organic" seal, animals would need to be raised with certain minimum amounts of space, light, and access to the outdoors.

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Jeff Stier: When environmentalists oppose science

July 10, 2018  •  catallaxyfiles

Jeff Stier: When environmentalists oppose science

Posted on 11:21 am, July 11, 2018 by Guest Author

In the era of self-driving cars, big data and increasingly sophisticated bio-medical advances, the age-old question of how regulation can keep up with technology is more relevant than ever.

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Comments to FDA on Tobacco Product Standard for Nicotine Level of Combusted Cigarettes

July 10, 2018  •  Submission to FDA

The FDA's consideration of a product standard to set a maximum nicotine level for cigarettes is a dangerous experiment justified only by good intentions and faulty research. Further, even if the FDA's scant research were validated with the substantial research that is necessary to implement such a risky proposal, especially at a time when smoking rates continue to decline at an an unprecedented rate, implementation would not be appropriate until a robust array of satisfying lower-risk products were available to adult smokers who understood the differences in risk.

Good intentions, Unintended Consequences:

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