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Both Parties Can Work Together to Lower Drug Prices

November 27, 2018  •  Washington Examiner

Healthcare was a key issue for voters in the split-decision midterm elections. So are we in for more partisan divide and no progress? Not necessarily. We simply need to reframe the debate to find common ground.

The Democrat-controlled House won't consider Obamacare repeal, and the Republican Senate won't consider Medicare for all. But there are ways to make constructive changes without relying on ideologically charged policies which can't advance in this environment.

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What is Scott Gottlieb Smoking

November 18, 2018  •  Daily Caller

The FDA's just-unveiled Draconian restrictions on vaping products are an example of good PR but bad public-health policy. And regulators know better.

When he headed the FDA, Dr. Frank Young used to admonish his minions that there were times when common sense should modulate established policies and rules. That can be done in federal agencies via "enforcement discretion," a tool that regulators use to carry out their mandate in light of sometimes ambiguous laws and regulations.

Other officials have not been so wise.

Take Young's successor at the FDA, David Kessler, who chose a ludicrous case calculated to get him on the evening news in a virile demonstration that he was tough at enforcing the law.

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Menthol ban will make a bad situation worse
The FDA's naive plan will lead to countless unintended consequences: Opposing view

November 15, 2018  •  USA Today

The Food and Drug Administration's naive plan to ban menthol cigarettes will lead to countless unintended consequences, including increased youth smoking, especially in minority communities, where a ban would spark illegal markets reminiscent of the days of alcohol prohibition.

Kids could easily buy loose cigarettes stored in sealed baggies with unwrapped menthol cough drops. The FDA has failed to enforce its own rules. Consider the agency's inability to prevent youth use of e-cigarettes, despite an outright federal ban.

One unintended consequence is telling: The ban unites some African-American civil rights leaders and top law enforcement officer groups.

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The Science-Based Community and E-Cigarettes

November 14, 2018  •  American Greatness

Government agencies populated with scientists people are pleased to call "experts" are often thought to be above the ordinary give-and-take of politics and, especially, immune to the clarion calls of activists and pressure of public opinion. Scientific experts, or "the science-based community," is supposed to be driven by data and evidence, not the naked pressure of agenda driven interests. As we will see in the case of the Food and Drug Administration's relationship to e-cigarette regulation, these assumptions about the impartiality of scientists don't always hold water.

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American Energy Fueled by Freedom, not Bailouts
Stier Asks: "What if President Chester A. Arthur suppressed coal production and put his thumb on the scale of Big Lumber?

August 30, 2018  •  The Detroit News

A leaked memo circulating in the White House calls for electricity consumers to bail out struggling coal and nuclear plants by mandating that a portion of energy to be purchased from certain failing suppliers.

This proposal doesn't make sense. Following through on it would undermine the market-driven forces that have boosted U.S. energy production, saved money for consumers, and helped the environment.

Since President Trump took office, the U.S. Department of Energy has supported an '"all-of-the-above" approach to domestic energy production.

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