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Earth Day has become polluted by ideology and ignorance

April 20, 2017  •  Learn Liberty, A Project of IHS

The first Earth Day celebration was conceived by then-US senator Gaylord Nelson and held in 1970 as a "symbol of environmental responsibility and stewardship." In the spirit of the time, it was a touchy-feely, consciousness-raising, New Age experience, and most activities were organized at the grassroots level.

In recent years, Earth Day has evolved into an occasion for environmental Cassandras to prophesy apocalypse, dish antitechnology dirt, and proselytize. Passion and zeal routinely trump science, and provability takes a back seat to plausibility.

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Who's Getting Money from NIH?
A pair of foreign research organizations have gotten numerous grants for work of unclear value

April 3, 2017  •  National Review

As  Democrats and the scientific establishment howl over President Trump's proposed budget cuts to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Congress is investigating whether that agency misspent U.S. tax dollars to fund two European cancer institutions now under scrutiny for conflicts of interest and dubious science. Key lawmakers are also trying to understand the nature of the cozy relationship between federal bureaucrats with budgets and foreign researchers who are eager to accept grants to promote a political agenda at taxpayers' expense.

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Congress Can Make Regulators Accountable
And the FDA would be a good place to start

March 23, 2017  •  National Review

It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future," Yogi Berra famously (and apocryphally) said — but we're going to hazard one anyway. Because the need for less-intrusive and more-cost-effective regulation is a core belief in both the GOP majority in Congress and the Trump administration, much-needed regulatory rollbacks will be an ongoing storyline in 2017 and beyond.

In a December 60 Minutes interview, House speaker Paul Ryan spoke of the need for regulatory reform:

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Michelle Obama And Chef Tom Colicchio Form A Misguided Partnership

February 22, 2017  •  Forbes

Just when many of us hoped that we would soon be seeing the last of the Obamas, it appears that Michelle Obama will still be involved in what passes for public service in progressives' parallel universe. She has decided to partner with the far left-wing Food Policy Action Education Fund, a sister organization of the radical Food Policy Action.

In an advertisement video released in early January, Mrs. Obama intones, "What a wonderful world it would be if all the children had the nutrition they need." That is rich, given that at every turn her husband's administration obstructed new, innovative technologies that could have offered cheaper, safer, higher-quality products.

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The Environmentalist War On Science

February 1, 2017  •  Daily Caller

The EPA just threw out five years of fracking safety research to appease green extremists. Although early drafts found no evidence that fracking has had a "widespread, systemic" impact on drinking water, the final report claims that there isn't "enough information to make a broad conclusion."

How absurd. An honest look at the science should have environmentalists waving the white flag in their fight against fracking. It's time for both the EPA and green crusaders to quit this political charade and recognize that fracking technology has boosted the economy, helped wean America off imported oil and gas, and dramatically reduced CO2 emissions.

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