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E-cigarettes not a path to smoking

August 30, 2015  •  Baltimore Sun

In an editorial calling for regulations which would put obstacles in front of adults who seek to quit smoking by switching to e-cigarettes, The Sun's editorial board relies on a powerfully debunked innuendo and preposterous logic ("Teens and e-cigarettes," Aug. 23).

The basis for the paper's concern that e-cigarettes cause teens to smoke cigarettes is entirely unfounded. In fact, the small survey the piece cites acknowledges that an association between teen experimentation with e-cigarette use and subsequent smoking is not causal. In fact, teens who are likely to try e-cigarettes are the very teens already at risk for trying smoking, accounting for any association.

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Free Lunch for Everyone
Should taxpayers buy lunch for kids who can afford it?

August 5, 2015  •  LifeZette

As Congress considers reauthorizing the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, much of the debate is properly focused on modifying inflexible restrictions on sodium and whole grains in school lunches.

But lawmakers should also take a closer look at a little-known section of the law that will greatly expand the free lunch program, especially to students whose families can afford to pay.

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Whole Foods Caught With Their Thumb On The Scale And Their Hand In Your Pocket

July 15, 2015  •  Forbes

Will the nation's largest municipal consumer protection agency crack down on misleading marketing claims about organic food by one of the most sanctimonious, greener-than-thou grocery chains?

We don't think it will, but there's a strong case—based on the law and the facts—that it should.

First some background. Nearly a week after New York City Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) investigators found that Whole Foods Market ripped off unwitting customers by "routinely" overstating the weight of pre-packaged foods–including meats, seafood, dairy and baked goods–the store widely known as "Whole Paycheck Market" 'fessed up.

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Is free school lunch the next great American entitlement program?

July 1, 2015  •  The Hill

As Congress considers changes to the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHFKA), one little-known section of the law is expected to sharply increase the number of students receiving free lunch (and breakfast) over the next several years. This includes taxpayer-funded meals for students who would not have previously qualified under the old rules.

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The School Lunch Program With an Unappetizing Report Card
The first lady's project is plagued by complaints of inedible meals, wasted food and misspent funds.

June 17, 2015  •  The Wall Street Journal

Nearly five years after passage of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, mounting evidence suggests that the law may not be achieving either end. The well-intentioned signature policy of first lady Michelle Obama is an attempt to stem childhood obesity and hunger by providing healthier school meals. But as Congress prepares to reauthorize the program, which expires in September, lawmakers are sharpening their knives to address complaints of inedible meals, food waste and misspent funds.

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