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Obama administration pollutes guidelines for healthy eating with unhealthy ideologies
Mar 9, 2014

Senator Charles Schumer Calls for Ban on Chemical Used in Bread that Obama's FDA Says is Safe as Used
Feb 10, 2014

At 'HuffPo' Fearmongering Is an Olympic Sport
Feb 4, 2014

Blowing smoke over e-cig ad
Feb 3, 2014

Iowa should tread carefully on e-cigarette rules
Jan 29, 2014

In Defense of E-cigarettes
Jan 2, 2014

Bloomberg trying to ban e-cigarettes is silly
Dec 16, 2013

Why Won't HHS Approve Crucial Flu Vaccine?
Nov 27, 2013

City Hall legislating in the shadows
Oct 16, 2013

With Its Soda Tax, Mexico Repeats The Mistakes Of Mayor Bloomberg
Oct 10, 2013

Mandatory Labeling Of Genetically Engineered Foods Deserves A Warning Label Of Its Own
Oct 9, 2013

The EU, US approaches to endocrine disruptors have been appropriate until now
Oct 2, 2013

E-CIGARETTE REGULATION: Take sensible approach to help smokers quit
Aug 19, 2013

A Stinging Rebuke of Anti-Agriculture Environmental Activists
Jul 22, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg's Proposed Styrofoam Ban Is Anti-Business And Anti-Consumer
Jul 19, 2013

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